History of Kendal & District Driving Instructors Association

The first meeting of the Association took place on 22nd January 1998 after
a letter was sent to all local driving instructors inviting them to attend.
About a dozen local instructors became members and initially attended
monthly meetings.
The original intention was to encourage members to meet on a
professional basis to share experience and provide a common voice with
other organisations and agencies. The purpose was to improve road safety
generally and to improve the standard of driver and instructor training.

The organisation has gone from strength to strength in recent years, now
consisting of over 30 members, with two remaining from the original
membership. Meetings are now held regularly at a variety of venues,
when guest speakers are invited to attend. As well as driving, speakers
cover topics linked to road safety and good business practice.

The Association works closely with Cumbria Constabulary and Cumbria
County Council, through the Cumbria Road Safety Partnership, in
an effort to reduce casualties in Cumbria and the surrounding areas.
Members have been active in delivering Pass Plus + to new drivers and
we would like to think that this has contributed to reducing the number of
incidents in which new drivers are involved.

The Association encourages newly qualified instructors and those new to
the area to attend meetings with a view to becoming members.

The Association continues to promote high standards of instruction and
good business practice with a view to improve road safety and to promote
professionalism and friendship amongst its members.

You can find more information about becoming a member here – Membership

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